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Re: Re[2]: Class Action Law Suit (2 responses)

I hope we finish up with all the hype on such a brilliant..brilliant note!


At 09:45 AM 10/25/01 +0200, you wrote:
>No need for law suits: Compaq IS allready dead.
>This thread is excactly the proof of that: Compaq has lost all it's aqquired 
>Digital/Tandem credibility, not just at people on this list, but allso, and 
>that is equally important, at very important customers using
>Imagine if the HP merger fails, then Compaq has only one option left:
Putting a 
>"For Sale" sign outside the HQ.
>Problem is, there is nothing left to sell except the OpenVMS operating
>committed for several years to US gvnmt. So who will buy?
>All original DEC technology has been sold off. Bob Palmer started it, Compaq 
>finished it.
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