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Alpah Server 2100 SCSI error.


I have a Alpha server 2100 A500MP 4/233 that I am trying to install Red Hat
7.1 on to.  I boot the cd from SRM  and everything looks fine until it hits
at my scsi card.  It produces this error:

SCSI host0 abort (pid0) timed out-resetting
SCSI bus id being reset for host0 channel 0
ncr53c8xx_reset: pid=o reset_flags=2 serialnumer=X
serial_number_at_timeout=X where x is a incresing number starting at 1 and I
let it go all they way to 200.

Any help would be great.

Seth Garnar
Broome Community College

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On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Aaron Gee wrote:

> As someone that has to adminsiter an OS390 machine, as well as a few older
> alphas (personal boxen) and a ton of 386 machines as well as a few older
> soalris boxes, I'm extremely hopeful that I can get everything to run a
> common OS.  Although OS390 won't be the same by any stretch, it would be
> nice to have some more "friendly" tools to work with on the beast.

Well I have an Alpha, a SPARC, an SGI Indy (MIPS) and an HP-PA box all
running Debian.  My Sun3 and ARM boxes should also work with a bit of a

Now I don't think my room is large enough for an S/390 :-)


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