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Re: Hammer : Re: Forw: FW: Red Hat has NOT dropped Alpha

Maurice Hilarius wrote:

With regards to your message at 01:36 PM 10/26/01, Peter Watkinson. Where you stated:

Well, making something like a PLD for the Alpha is not that difficult. Or a LFS (linuxfromscratch.org)

Now the enquirer is quoting the email that was posted to this list earlier
in the day


Well Maurice Chris and anyone from RH whats the scope?

I don't know.
I have been releasing info in the hope of finding out.
We are a Beta Red Hat site, but this time, unlike in the past, we have not received a beta for 7.2
Further, we were placing orders to book more boxed 7.2, and Tim told me what I quoted.

As we have seen from the info discussed here, Alpha is not commercially viable for Red Hat to support, unless a corporate, such as Compaq, underwrites it.

Apparently Compaq people seem to think that this is still happening, but if so, nobody seems to have made that commitment sufficiently clearly for Red Hat to act on so far.

And that is all I know so far.

Bearing in mind what Christopher said about EV7 does anyone know if Samsung
has plans to develop motherboards for Linux and EV7?

Samsung has developed the UP1500 (EV68) After that, I doubt it.

I have heard of a private initiative to build a third party board, and I hear that a certain US company is producing a DP264 "clone"

We are pursuing the Asian third party boards actively, and we do have sourcing on UP1500 in place.

API is apparently moving it's support to another location soon, and I believe announcements to that effect will release shortly.

Compaq still builds Alphas, and will do so for the foreseeable future.

And that is about the sum of what is known so far.

With our best regards,

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