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Re: Hammer (2)

Bryan-TheBS-Smith wrote:
> W Bauske wrote:
> > Alphas aren't particularly close at 784. (DS20E/833 is the
> > fastest Alpha at SpecFP2000)
> Of course, beside clock speed, you should consider "feature size."
> Most Alphas are stuck at 0.25-0.35um, whereas Intel, AMD and IBM
> have dropped to 0.18 and even 0.13um in many cases.

So, you're saying Compaq and Co. are cheap?
Really doesn't make much difference from my point of view.

The problem is Alpha has grown stagnant. Other architectures
have continued to progress. The price/performance of Alpha has
dissappeared. It used to be quite competitive up until the x86
price wars.

> Secondly, it is important to note that Intel's "good" Spec numbers
> are using their optimizing compiler.  Whip out GCC and the story is
> different, even with Intel funded optimizations.

At $400, it's hard to justify not buying an Intel compiler.
The same argument can be made against Alpha and the Compaq compilers
too, by the way.


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