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Re: Hammer

Bryan-TheBS-Smith wrote:
> W Bauske wrote:
> > This is off topic but I've used Athlon, Athlon MP, PIII, and P4's, and
> > I can say that for my production codes, P4 is king. Itanium is very good
> > for it's clock rate from what I've read, and if you truly want the fastest
> > microprocessor, price no object, buy the new Power4 based IBM pSeries
> > 690 Turbo. It's SpecFP2000 is 1169. Alphas aren't particularly close
> > at 784. (DS20E/833 is the fastest Alpha at SpecFP2000)
> I find the SpecFP of the Alpha and Athlon to be severely
> underrated.  I don't know if it is the bus, exclusive caching or
> what, but I have build P3, P4 and Athlon Linux clusters and the
> Athlons beat the P3 by 40%, MHz for MHz, and upto double against the
> P4, MHz or MHz.  Of course all my applications are engineering and
> use double precision floating point.

You're using the wrong metric from my point of view. I want to know
the best performer for the $$$$. I don't care if it's 50Ghz or 50Mhz
as long as it does the most computation per $$$ spent.

I'd believe your comparison though, if it was with gcc/g77.

Using Intel compilers is a no-brainer at their price point.


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