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Re: reiserfs on all my SRM-alpha drives: how I did it

>>>>> "Michal" == Michal Jaegermann <michal@ellpspace.math.ualberta.ca> writes:

Michal> 'xfs', from what I understand, intervenes now quite deeply
Michal> into other kernel structures and it may be not very surprising
Michal> to see yet a more thorough rewrite of it, or two.  

Uhm, uhm, uhm.  A rewrite?  Why would we rewrite it?

The XFS core code is identical between Linux and IRIX.  It is very
stable and has been shipping in IRIX since the mid nineties.

The Linux interface is changing somewhat but that is mostly due to VM
being a constantly moving target.

As for the changes to the kernel outside the filesystem:

(mkp@hammond) ~> wc -l patch-2.4.12-xfs-*
    530 patch-2.4.12-xfs-easy
    533 patch-2.4.12-xfs-tricky

IOW, we're adding ~300 lines of code which does not alter existing
kernel behaviour.  And roughly the same number of lines affecting
existing paths.  Changes to Makefiles etc. are also included in the
patches above.  Looks like a fairly small footprint to me.

The patches above exclude features of XFS which Linux doesn't
currently have an infrastructure to support.  Like ACLs and extended
attributes.  We're actively contributing to the effort of coming up
with a common API across filesystems for those.  And we have sample
implementations which will obviously affect several areas of the
kernel in order to work.

But as far as the core filesystem goes, the changes are pretty small.

Michal> There are people using both but they are not recommended in
Michal> this moment for a "production".

Sorry, that's just FUD.  There are plenty of people out there using
XFS on production systems.

Martin K. Petersen, Principal Linux Consultant, Linuxcare, Inc.
mkp@linuxcare.com, http://www.linuxcare.com/
SGI XFS for Linux Developer, http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/

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