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Re: AlphaServer 1000 Graphics

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 10:54:11AM -0600, Hoover, Tony wrote:
> If you use a modem on this machine ( dial-up internet from home, etc. )
> steer clear of the Matrox Millenium.  

I assume you mean an external modem hooked up to the builtin serial ports?

> They work great, they look great, but the PCI interrupts used by the
> Millenium and Millenium II cause buffer over-runs and underruns on
> serial ports resulting in MANY re-transmissions.

That's odd, as the Xserver for the Millenniums wouldn't use interrupts
to manage those cards, AFAIK.

Did it NOT behave that way with other video cards?

Even if the IRQ that the Millennium wanted was the same as one of the
serial ports, it wouldn't "request" it, and thus the generic
IRQ-sharing code wouldn't be activated.

I'd be much more likely to believe that the builtin serial ports
weren't of the kind better able to handle higher speed. By that I mean
I don't believe they have the internal FIFOs that work. MIKASA is a
pretty old platform, and prolly uses an old SuperIO chip with the
less capable serial ports.

Did you try an internal modem, either ISA or PCI?


Jay A Estabrook                            Alpha Engineering - LINUX Project
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