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Re: Looking for a "good" video card for a DS5305

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Jay Estabrook wrote:

> There was talk a while ago about doing 3D for VX1, but it's never come
> to pass, AFAIK. Cards seem fairly expensive, and might not be able to
> do 3D as quickly as even the first Radeons.

I guess the 3D would have to be done using something other than the
DRM/DRI setup, cause the cards are PCI.  As I believe you were saying in
one of your later e-mails.  I forgot about that fact.  So even the G200
PCIs won't get 3D because of no GART and thus no DRM in the kernel.

There are other ways to do GLX in XFree86 than DRI.  Have the owners of
the Permedia, GLINT, and Gamma chips released enough specs to write a 3D
driver?  The GLINT and Gamma are supposed to pretty much have GL in
silicon, so it can't be /that/ hard can it?  :P

> 4.2.0 is better than 4.1.0 on a number of cards, VX1 included, IIRC.

That's good to hear.  It is still a toss up for me.  I loved my G400, but
Matrox's latest turn from releasing specs for their latest chips to
releasing (x86) binary libs has me wanting to give my money to a more open

> Darned if I know; perhaps one is more like the "retial" card, with
> S-Video connector and such?

"Retial"?  Am I missing a joke?  Well they both are Permedia 2s with 8MB
of RAM, that is what I really want, don't need S-Video, DVI or anything
like that.  So I know which one I'll buy.  :)

> True, but it may actually get through the emulation but leave the
> console with no video, as I documented for several of the cards. This
> would indicate that it was getting through BIOS em *incorrectly*, and
> would not be usable.

Oh yes, I saw that exact thing with my RageXL card.  Funny thing is, an
"/sbin/halt" from an ssh connection would put me back at the SRM console
with everything looking okay.  A "boot" there would make the screen go
back to black and I'd end up in Linux again with no local consoles.

> X has it's own BIOS emulator, especially for multi-head support, since
> often the machine's BIOS (on x86) will leave a secondary head
> un-initialized. In a lot of cases, it will do a better job that the
> one builtin to SRM... :-\

Yeah I was talking to the SuSE XFree86 guys at ALS 2 years ago right after
4.0 was released.  They were talking about X on the Alpha, and how cool
the BIOS emulator was (and how they were heating their houses with the
Alphas, they asked if I had one, I didn't and felt left out.  But I'm
happy now that I have my own heater. :)

Two penguins were walking on an iceberg.  The first penguin said to the
second, "you look like you are wearing a tuxedo."  The second penguin
said, "I might be..."                         --David Lynch, Twin Peaks

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