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RE: Samsung EV7

I think you're talking about API. They have sinced closed the doors and 
handed the support over to Microway. Maurice is (I think) refering to the 
MB designers that worked directly for Samsung in Korea.


On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, David Mihail wrote:

> I can confirm that Samsung disbanded the motherboard design group.  Their
> business was handed over to Microway.
> regards,
> David Mihail
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>   With regards to your message at 06:04 AM 7/31/02, Peter Watkinson. Where
> you stated:
>     Hi folks,
>     Does anyone know (Maurice?) if Samsung are going to release any ev7
> Alpha motherboards. A 1.2ghz ev79 board would be nice. Also is it true that
> Chompaq are only going to build dual processor systems and up. No single
> processor workstations?
>     Just idly wondering.
>   What I have heard, (but certainly not the final answer), is that Samsung
> have disbanded their motherboard design group.
>   I am not privy to HPQ's plans other than what I read in the press, and so
> on, but I would not be surprised, as they seem to be focusing the remainder
> of Alpha life on larger servers.
>   At a minimum, I am not aware of any new motherboard chipsets designed for
> use with Alpha CPUs. The Samsung UP1x00 series use AMD chipsets.
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Rich Payne

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