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Re: Memory for LX164 Alpha's

With regards to your message at 12:35 AM 3/19/02, Osmo Kujala. Where you stated:
Yes, standard ECC SDRAM has worked fine for me and others.

You need SDRAM, PC100, ECC, Registered.

No. Not registered. (It's unbuffered = more common version)
When we were building these systems we found that unbuffered was not stable if using more than two modules.

Kingston, Micron, Ventura, Corsair, Virtium all make parts that work, and I
am sure some others too.
Do NOT buy PC133

Not sure i remember correctly, but I believe PC133 is fine.

It did not work for us. It probably depends on board layout, chips used, etc., to some degree.

With our best regards,

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