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RE: applying patch

i beleive you have to make a custom boot disk with a kernel from another
build system and apply the patches to that custom kernel.  then simply boot
the kernel from the floppy then everything else from the CD.

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  |-----Original Message-----
  |From: Simon Tierney [mailto:simon@conditional-fee.co.uk]
  |Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 6:29 PM
  |To: Jay Estabrook; axp-list@redhat.com
  |Subject: applying patch
  |I have a Digital Alphaserver 7305 with the Mylex D040397 
  |DAC960PU-3 KZPAC 3
  |channels and Red Hat 7.2 installation reports:-
  | "Error: No valid devices were found on which to create new 
  |file systems.
  |Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem".
  |It's not cabling and all the tests report the drives as in 
  |optimal state.
  |I removed the NT partitions and I have not reformatted 
  |because of the posted
  |I carried out SRM and Alphabios firmware upgrades and I have 
  |just upgraded
  |to version 2.70 of the Mylex firmware.
  |I read Jay Estabrooks email and I have the file attachment, 
  |however I don't
  |know how to apply the patch before arriving at the error and 
  |exiting the
  |(In fact I have never patched a kernel yet).
  |Could you advise me how to proceed, please.
  |Axp-list mailing list

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