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OpenOffice 1.0.2 port done for for Linux / Alpha / Redhat 7.2

I have just completed a 64bit port of the Openoffice 1.0.2 sources ( http://www.openoffice.org ). No its not the latest release of Openoffice - now, but it was when I started. Is was built for a 21164 ( lx164 ) processor, so i suspect it will also run under the 21264 processor. There is no binaries for the 21064 processor.

The English Language binaries are anonymously FTP'able from gatworks.com/OpenOffice1.0.2/01.norm. There are about 425 files, totaling some 110mb. After you download you need to run setup. After that you need the official Openoffice installation, and usage manuals.

The Patch files are available anonymously via FTP from gatworks.com/OpenOffice1.0.2/DigitalAlphaPatches/LX164.OpenOffice.Patches.3.tar.bz2. It does not include the Openoffice 1.0.2 sources. You will need to install a copy of the Openoffice source RPM from the Intel Redhat 9.0 distribution. Then restore the LX164.OpenOffice.Patches.3.tar.bz2 file. The redhat/SPECS/LX2.openoffice-1.0.2.spec can be used to "rpmbuild -bp --nodeps LX2.openoffice-1.0.2.spec" to create the base source of the build. There are, as of yet, no further build instructions. You cannot build the binaries using rpm. You could probably build the rpm binaries, if you were able to get enough of the RH9.0 distribution working on Linux/Alpha.

My Internet connection is a slow DSL. The connection is not terribly fast, especially for uplinks. So it may be a couple of hours before you get all of what you are looking for. I dont remember what the uplink speed is.

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