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Samba 3.0.x and very long filenames.

Hello People.

We run a Alpha server with 2.4.22 kernel ( with promise support and some other 
things ). We use samba 3.0.0 on it0 now.

The problem we found came to light when some EML backup files from a user were 
migrated from a digital Unix server ( alpha ) to the samba server.
These EML files tend to have long file names over 100 chars and more because  
the name is extracted from the subject in the email.

When a file with a long filename exists on the server it can not be displayed 
on the windows clients, it just gives it a file/bestand name and says its 

BUT . When i mount the share from samba3 to my X86 Linux box with the smbmount 
command provided by samba 2.2.6 the long filenames are no problem anymore.
So it isn't simply the server that can't do more then (n) characters. there 
has to be more.

The problem on the unix server isn't there and also on the samba 2.2.6 server 
these files can be opened.

I imagine that if such a problem would exist on samba when running it on a 
more common platform this glitch would be documented to great extent. but its 
not. So my best bet is this is a combo prob with the main players being samba 
3.0.0 / windows ( So what else is new ) and the alpha platform.

Does anybody know of another instance of this problem, or maybe even the 
proper solution ( without breaking filename checking algo's in the code ! )?

Thanks in advance

( Peter Lunshof, the Netherlands )

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