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Re: CentOS 4.2 for alpha


On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 05:58:30PM +1000, Mike Barnes wrote:
> Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> >Another things is (as i don't know what is really working and what is
> >not) that i did disable the DRI for all radeon. I don't want to get
> >reports of installations where the X just freezes after firtstboot
> >finnishes it's job. We can make updates afterwards, but the ISO-images
> >are there to stay :)
> This is ironic. I started recompiling Fedora Core 2 for the Alpha about 
> a year and a half ago, mainly because I'd just picked up a PCI Radeon 
> 7000, and wanted to get DRI going. I've now got everything I wanted, 
> except that. :)
> What's been changed to disable it? I'll grab the SRPMs and start doing 
> some tests over the weekend.

I only enabled that previous (disabled in spec file)
'disable-dri-patch' and disabled the new one. Only few lines in .spec
(i do believe i wrote something %changelog too as i usually do).

###%if %{build_rhel4}
####%patch1215 -p0 -b .ati-radeon-disable-dri
###%patch1216 -p0 -b .ati-radeon-7000-disable-dri
%ifarch alpha
%patch1215 -p0 -b .ati-radeon-disable-dri
%patch1216 -p0 -b .ati-radeon-7000-disable-dri

So i enabled the %patch1215 again and disabled the later 7000-patch
(which does have something else in it too). Quick hack which made me
confident releasing the DVD/CDs as it should not render boxes unusable
after firstboot. Makign updates later on would be much more easy that
explaing every installer 'why his/her radeon just isn't working'.

This is on my TODO-list too. If my now running sparc-patch holds up now
w/o hanging the box on _high_ load after few hours of hammering, i'll
be much more open to work on these alpha issues :)

Pasi Pirhonen - upi iki fi - http://iki.fi/upi/

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