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Re: New kernel uploaded into devel tree

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 05:01:36PM -0400, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> Any chance you could put the SRPM out there as well?
> OBTW, the dependencies when you try to install the new kernel RPM are:
> 1. mkinitrd
> 2. udev
> 3. selinux
> This seems a might dangerous (esp. udev);

Even if you will install udev and selinux support packages you do not
really have to use these.  One way to configure that out is to edit
corresponding files in /etc/sysconfig.  Still I would expect that high
enough version of initscripts may be needed; especially when you would
want to try these two.  :-)  To play with selinux you would need to
label file systems and I would start with "targeted" and not
"enforcing".  OTOH udev most likely just works at this stage.

I would not skimp on mkinitrd.  As long as you are not remaking old
initrd images you are safe.  Even with that so far I never had
backcompatibility problems here every time I tried.  True, this was not
alpha but I would be surprised by troubles here.

> should it be OK if one just
> used "--nodeps" or "--force", to avoid having to update these others?

My best guess would be that if you are talking about items 2. and 3.
then the answer is yes.  There is chance that you will not boot with
mkinitrd "not good enough".  Your other kernels will still boot.  Shrug!


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