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Re: Powerup Problem on AS2000

Thanks for all your really good advice...

but im somewhat in trouble.

I thought i have an alphaserver 2000... it SHOULD be an AS2000...
i do have right here a board with all the poweron/off reset, halt switches

a) says Demisable which is an 2000A and not a 2000 (compatible?)
b) has broken switches on it (the "everything closed" microswitch AND the
poweron/off switch...

man man man lifting it up there seems not to be all of the work :-(

PS: thanks Jay i found the switch, but after poking once around in the hole,
with a "clink" the metal part of the switch left service alone...

thx all

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> On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 05:41:12PM +0200, Michael Kronsteiner wrote:
> >
> > I wanna say thankyou to all who responded, especially Jay for the
> location
> > of the f...riendli switch. i´ll try to find this beast right now and can
> > report results in about an hour. As i do have only ONE EV4 and ONE EV5
> CPU,
> > there is no SMP configuration, and no (real) need for 2 power supplies.
> > Effectively, i will remove one to save power cost and help keeping envt
> > clean. I will test this now and report at around 16:00 GMT.
> Be aware that the firmware (on the mobo) must be in sync with the
> type of CPU card; meaning, if the FW is for EV4 it will NOT run EV5.
> Good luck.
>  --Jay++
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