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Re: How I can recover?

> Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 04:57:44 +0900
> From: "YujiMiyahara" <yujimiyahara tkz bbiq jp>
> I am in trouble.  I do not exactly how I did it, but
> when I was connecting to web, I did something wrong.
> When I reboot the system, I see seveal lines with failure,
> but anyway the system started to accept login.  But the 
> trouble is that under the home directory I cannot find 
> the directories I was using.
> How can I  restore the previous setting including 
> the directories?
> Many thanks if someone help me to restore the
> directories.  
> Is LINUX so fragile?

We don't know what you did, either.  Perhaps something
messed up /etc/fstab so /home is not getting mounted?
Only you can find out what is wrong and what to do about
it.  _W_H_A_T_ lines fail when you boot?  What distribution
and release are you using?  What hardware are you using?

If you are competent, you can restore from backup media
if you can't restore access to your home directory by
other means.

Linux isn't fragile.  Except for hardware problems or an
occasional software bug, it does what you tell it to do.
If you were running as root and entered a command to
delete a bunch of files, then the fault would be yours,
not the system that obeyed what you told it to do.

If you want help on this mailing list, you'll have to
provide some information: OS distribution and release,
some idea of what you were doing that caused the problem,
what errors show up when you boot, etc.

Robert Riches

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