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General stuff.. DS3000

  So, after a long hiatus, I'm back.

 Someone off the list was so kind as to send me a set of slackware
official disks, plus some beef up packages. I installed them on my
Digital Server 3000. The install worked, but X seems to be broke on S3
(?!) Tried compiling xorg 6.9. filed bug #7700. I then found out the sed
included with the disto was zero size.  Yesterday I finally got sed
working. so, I tried xorg again, and it got much further than it had
before. Compile died during the mesa stuff. I disabled that, and now it's
barfing on fontconfig ( I can post a log if anyone wants to suggest a

 At this point my intel box is down, and I need some kind of X on the
alpha. I need either something that works with the onboard video, or
something that will drive my FireGL 3000 Pro. I had trouble with the fgl
under debian 3.0. I eventually just started using a sparc5 as the head
for the debian machine.

 I'm looking for some things... Some sleds for the disk cage on my DS3000,
a 50 MHz oscillator for my lx164 board, and a power supply for an eb64.

 I may need to disable the onboard video on my 3000. has anyone done this?
Does anyone know how the eisa configuration works? With out any solid onfo
on how to actually configue the eisa, I'd as well only have three slots.

 and finally alphaslack  www.alphaslack.de  has anyone tried this? does it
run, and run well? is there anything really broke on it?

 Buck Rekow

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