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Re: Current ISO images status

Hi Jay,

On Sat, 2008-12-06 at 12:23 -0500, Jay Estabrook wrote: 
> Hi, Steven,
> Oh, yes, it could be IDE driver for the Cypress. I believe someone
> else has reported having some issues; I've not seen any personally,
> but I have mostly the newest boxes (667MHz), and there may have been
> tweaks to the latest mobos that affect this.

I have a 667MHz model too. If you want me to test the installer on
future ISOs, don't hesitate to ask.

> As for net installs: YES!
> Put the ISO in an NFS-avail directory, and boot like this:
> 1. b dqa0 -fl "2 askmethod"
> 2. when it gets to the option screen for NFS/FTP/HTTP:
>   b) specify the NFS server and the directory where the ISO is
> Then, everything should proceed normally.

Thanks, I keep forgetting about the "askmethod" parameter. I copied the
CD content to a HTTP server and installed it this way. It installed like
a charm this way...but it didn't boot up like a charm after that:


It does that with both ISOs, there are lots of errors due to file
permission problems after that. Any clue?


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