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RE: Alpha hardware

Title: RE: Alpha hardware

A company that I have used before has listed 128MB 72 pin SIMMs for $40.00.  http://www.pcprogress.com/products.asp?orderid=66373505169440859556197&cat=90


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Yup, that would be one of the SIMM platforms that used 128-bit mem bus.

Earlier ones (Jensen, Noname/UDB, at least, IIRC) had only 64-bit

mem bus, and thus required SIMMS in pairs, not quartets... :-)

SIMMS == supplied 32-bits wide each

DIMMS == supplied 64-bits wide each

Some later machines took DIMM pairs (DS10), others quartets (XP1000/DS20).

Memory bandwidth, of course, is better the wider the mem bus; that's why

XP1000 feels faster at 500MHz than DS10 at 667MHz. And DS20/ES40/DS25/ES45

have 2 256-bit wide mem buses, when configured/populated correctly.

IIRC, no DEC Alphas could use single SIMM/DIMM.

But at least API's UP1100 would work with a single DIMM.


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