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Re: six beeps from a 164LX machine

Kazuyoshi Furutaka wrote:
Hi all,

This evening, one of my 164LX machine (11 years old, purchased
from DCG computer, Inc.) start emitting 6 beeps when booting...


According to its User's Manual, the meaning of the beep code
is "Checksum error detected when image was read back from memory."

Are there any ways to revive it???

Kazuyoshi Furutaka
furutaka jb3 so-net ne jp

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Assuming you have not tried this, and have the same type of mem
in each slot,
You might try removing and reseating memory. It could be the
pins on the mem sticks are oxidiced and need a little cleaning.
This simple trick  might work.
YMMV, hope this helps

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