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Re: Trying to gauge usage of a possible AlphaLinux.org Forum


(apologies for incoherent rambling, I have a nasty case of flu and
am not at my best, intelligence-wise)

I don'treally like forums. Their overhead for posting/reading and
the usually abysmal user interface keep me from wanting to use
them. That said, if they're indexable properly, you can search
using google. Still wouldn't want to write or regularly read

As for mailing lists: love 'em if they have a properly indexed
archive. This mailing list here, however, has a disadvantage: its
domain name. I can imagine people not subscribing because it is
Fedora/RHEL only.

c.o.l.a has a disadvantage: some people don't even know News and
quite of the geeks I know don't like News because they think it's
all flames and spam (and let's face it: there *are* groups which
fit that description).

That'show I see it.

Regards, Tobias

printk(KERN_EMERG "PCI: Tell willy he's wrong\n");

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