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HTK speech recognition toolkit for Linux

Dear blinux subscriber,
here comes an announcment about a commercial speech recognition toolkit
which will be released this year.  

Best Regards

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Sometime in 1996, Entropic is expected to release a Linux version of
HTK, the Hidden Markov Model Tool Kit.  HTK is a commercial software
package for building speech recognition applications, which may be
especially useful to the blind community.  HTK is the most powerful
and flexible speech recognition system development toolset available,
and it is capable of building speaker independent, large vocabulary,
continuous speech recognition systems with state of the art accuracy.
Systems developed using an R and D enhanced version of HTK have far
outscored the best efforts of all other entrants in the
U. S. government sponsored ARPA Benchmark tests of accuracy for the
most difficult speech recognition tasks.  Entrants in these tests
include most of the major cutting-edge laboratories in the world which
are working on these technologies.  A number of applications could be
developed for the blind community, including desktop oriented, shell
oriented, and/or application oriented command and control systems, and
even continuous dictation systems.  These capabilities are not
available, to my knowledge, in any other way.

HTK has high up-front costs (which may vary per country) which can
typically be born only by corporate or government sponsors of research
and development; academic and multi-license discounts are available.
Redistribution costs for products and applications developed using
HTK, however, can be low, if the number of end-users is large.

HTK is not freely available, unlike much other Linux software.  It is
a commercial software package, and Entropic prices do not vary with
operating system, so that we don't compete against ourselves.  While
some may consider that commercial software for Linux violates the
Linux philosophy, our reasons for doing a Linux version of this
important Entropic product are because a) we have a number of
customers who wish to lower the overall cost of using HTK by using
Intel-based computing hardware, and b) we consider Linux to be a
respectable, commercial-grade flavor of Unix.  The Linux community
will, we hope, take it as a compliment that commercial packages of
great significance in the scientific, R&D and commercial application
development world are being ported and made available on their
platform.  In Entropic's case it shows that we have the utmost respect
for their work.

If you are interested in further information about HTK, please take a
look at our web pages at http://www.entropic.com, if that is possible,
or otherwise please ask me to send you an ASCII file with full


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