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Re: screader source

Now that you bring the RPM thing up, I want to jump in on the discussion a
bit.  At this point, I don't have my system set up as RPM based as yet.
I've been looking into it and have a hard time convincing myself to
proceed with it.  Yes, the upgrade route makes sence but what about when
you get other packages which are not RPM'd? I either then have to go and
install as before, without any kind of package maintenance or somehow
convert the whole package into a rpm package and install from there.  Oh,
I'm talking about upgrade here.  Like your example below, what if I picked
up a tar.gz because the rpm wasn't available for ppp-2.0?  I use the
ppp-2.0 as an example. what if no rpm was available for that but I wanted
to upgrade that into my system.  This whole rpm business would be moot for
me in that case.  Many packages I deal with aren't in rpm format so I
can't convince myself to convert myy system to rpm or should I say,
"initialize a RPM base for my system".

Feel free to straiten me out if you wish - I'm still learning about and
looking into this rpm stuff.

On Sat, 7 Mar 1998, Brian L. Sellden wrote:

> Hi Garyn,
> Give this a try...
> rpm -qlp package-name
> You can find out which files will be installed and where they will
> be installed - before you install a package.
> Now, let's say you're running PPP-2.2.0C, kernel 2.0.20,
> libc-5.3.12-22, and gcc-2.6.8.  You decide to upgrade to
> libc-5.3.12-24.  Can you?  You get on the web and begin
> checking dependencies - I'll race you:
> rpm --upgrade --test libc-5.3.12-24.i386.rpm
> Brian.
> >>>>> "garym" == garym  <garym gate net> writes:
>   garym> I tried to email jlemmens about his screader sources and why
>   garym> they are made available only in rpm format.  i dont use
>   garym> redhat , nor do i intend to.  been there, done that...  i do
>   garym> not allow automated installation programs on my system, cause
>   garym> i cant watch where it puts things.  but anyway, i need the
>   garym> tar.gz version of the screader program so i can tweek a new
>   garym> speaking daemon i wrote before i can complete this...  i
>   garym> could hack my own , but i am lazy and would rather just fix
>   garym> whats lackin in da screader....  thanks to anyone who can
>   garym> help.  brett barback garym gate net
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