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Re: BRAILLEX 2D [was Re: Speaqualizer]

Hello Rich,

>     What is a papenmeir braillex 2d?  Is it a 2d braille display --
>something with more that just one line of refreshable braille?  I keep
>hearing that such things are in the works, but have yet to find out
>anything definate about any such research.

The BRAILLEX-2D Screen from Papenmeier is a two-dimensional Braille
display. Two-dimensional means the BRAILLEX-2D Screen integrates:
1) a horizontal braille display (80 cells)
2) a vertical tactile display (44 x 4 dot lines)
The idea is that the horizontal display presents lines of text, while
the vertical gives structural information, for example, which lines
hold text or where windows and icons are. The vertical array of 44 x 4
dot lines with routing keys is used to give an overview of the contents
of the screen or a window.

Above each braille cell within the horizontal and vertical Braille display
are routing keys which are used to move the cursor to a particular spot.
In Windows mode, they are used to move the mouse. Clicking on routing
keys at the mouse pointer location
generates a mouse click.

There was also a device called BRAILLEX-GUIDE, which had two horizontal
Braille lines (with 80 cells per line) and a vertical display.
Yet, the additional horizontal Braille display line made it pretty

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more information.


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