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Re: intall linux

I installed Debian Linux, which I downloaded from ftp.debian.com.  I think
the base was a little over 8mb, although you probably wouldn't consider it
complete (doesn't include emacs, gcc, or a lot of other things that you'd
probably want.)  I can't really say how much you'll need to download; it
depends how much you want to install.  Maybe 25-30 mb, or more; hard to
say.  You might want to consider getting linux on cd-rom, though,
especially if downloading costs you money (I believe they range in price
from about $20-$50 in the US, or something like that).  There are also
several distributions of Linux (Debian, Redhat, Slackware, ...)  Redhat or
Debian will require more sighted assistance for a blind person to install
then Slackware (you can immediately use a terminal through the serial port
with Slackware, but you can't with Debian, at least.  I had a sighted
friend help me install Debian, although I have no idea how much work it
was because he knew what he was doing and just installed it for me, so I
really didn't learn anything about installing it.)  Ftp.cdrom.com is home
of Slackware (which you can also get on cd--might be cheaper/easier) but I
believe they mirror other distributions.

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On Sat, 2 May 1998, oscar wrote:

> I want to install linux, and who can tell me where I can get the software.
> How big it is? maybe for me it is too expensive to download it.
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