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Is Linux for me?

	I wish to beg the indulgence of you fine people of this linux discussion list.
I am not a newbie to Linux because I don't even have it... yet.  I do find what
I have read about it very appealing, though, and wondered if someone could give
me an idea whether it would really be of use to me.

	The thing is I wouldn't even ask if it were not for the fact that I have a CD
research program upon which I lean very heavily.  It was designed for the
Microsoft Windows platform.  Were I to switch over to Linux, is there an
emulation program that would enable be to use this program pretty efficiently
or would I have to use my DOS and Windows 3.11 on a separate partition?  If the
latter, I may as well just stick with what I have.

	As I mentioned, Linux really appeals to me.  When Windows 95 came out I dug my
heals in and stubbornly stuck with what I have.  Ditto for Win98.  I like to
stick as close as possible to DOS but use Windows 3.11 for its multitasking and
virtual memory capacity.  I even still use WordStar 5.5 .  I like the
programmability of DOS and that is what lures me to Linux.  So, if someone can
give me an idea about the above question I would greatly appreciate it.

	By the way,  my machine is a 66mhz 486DX with 24mb RAM and 450mb hard drive. 
Resources are obviously limited.

	Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


					Bruce Cordero
					bcordero mcimail com

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