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Re: Linux installation by myself

Read the blinux FAQ about RedHat installation.  It sounds like you may be
familiar with the Unix environment, and may be comfortable with shell
scripting and the like.  If so, you would want to look at the kickstart
method.  A RedHat CD should have 3 different sources of documentation on
it for kickstart: the example file, the HOWTO, and the chapter in the 
reference guide (HTML format) (also available on the RH web site).


On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Jeremy Hall wrote:

> I am not aware of a convenient way to do this.  Some time ago, I posted
> detailed instructions on how to do this, but there are many places where
> problems could occur, the instructions were probably specific to my setup,
> and several avenues for failure exist.

> > Hello, the listers. This is Shinichi Torihara.

> > Exactly  speaking,  I  would  like to install Redhat Linux by blind
> > people alone from the scratch.  I  can  prepare  for  DecTalk  Express
> > or  Windows' terminal with Screen Reader through RS-232C.

> > Can we install Readhat by myself in these situations?
> > 
> > To:   blinux-list redhat com
> > cc:    (bcc: Shinichi Torihara/Japan/IBM)
> > Subject:  Re: Linux installation by myself
> > 
> > Only problem there Ryan is that I don't know if we have updated red hat
> > disks up on the site.

L. C. Robinson
reply to lcr cyberhighway net

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instability instead.  This is award winning "innovation".  Find
out how MS holds your data hostage with "The *Lens*"; see
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