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Re: new to the list

Alphas are good.  Alphas are fast.  Anything that isn't Free Software
may not be available for the Alpha.  For instance Word Perfect, Netscape 
and all those Database programs released last year.  There is a pretty
good chance you might want to use some piece of software that isn't
available for Linux Alpha or that is available in source form but
doesn't compile properly since the developer never considered Alpha in
his design.

For a desktop the safest bet is a AMD-K6-3 at 400 or 450MHz.  It was
released yesterday and on a machine with 2 megs L2 cache on the
motherboard it is the fastest X86 CPU around.  A Machine based on it
with small monitor and low end video card should be around $1,000.

If you really want something fast ( somehow I suspect this :) Then get
an SMP machine with 2 or 4 CPUs.  Linux dose make quite efficient use of
the extra chips.  Expect to pay insane amounts for it however.

PS : Linux and NT both like similar boxes so whatever is good for one is
good for the other.  Except of course Linux is more efficient.

Frank Carmickle wrote:
> I thought I'd say hello.  I am looking at doing the Linux thing and I want
> to get up to speed on some things before I dive in.  I use DEC express
> synths and the power braille 40.  I am working with Kirk Reiser on the
> audio editing package called AWEsome.  I am not a programer at all.  I am
> mainly looking to run Linux for this new package for audio editing.  I am
> thinking about purchasing an Alpha.  Is there any reason why I shouldn't go
> this rout?  Are there any other blind folks running Linux or NT on an
> Alpha?  Please let me know.  I know that I am working on breaking new
> ground for the most part.  Just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this
> rout yet.

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