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Re: Mbrola and Emacspeak

I think Freephone puts in start and stop phonemes (_) at the beginning and
ending of the text, so that could make things less responsive than they
could be, but I really haven't looked into things and don't know if
Softspeech gets rid of those.  So this could be a moot point if it does...

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On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Bart Bunting wrote:

> no, 1.4 is arround.  It's still pretty messy i'm afraid to say.
> although i'm off overseas for three months next week and hope to fit
> in some time to work on it then. It is however much more responsive
> than 1.3 It now uses Rodgers softspeech wrapper arround mbrola and
> freephone.  there is some problems with stopping speech but overall
> it's a large improvement.
>  > I am wondering just how usable the above combination of software is,   as I
>  > know there are _some_ problems with mbrola server for emacspeak.
>  > 
> for reading large chunks of text it's wonderful -- i read nearly all
> my books using it.  for programing etc it works but could be faster.
> the stopping thing can get a little tiresome.

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