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Re: SpeakUp and Modified Kernels

On Sun, Feb 27, 2000 at 09:44:08AM -0500, Chris Hofstader wrote:
> Hi Blinux People,
> With increasing frequency, I get emails from JAWS users about speech and
> Braille utilities on the Linux platforms.  Some of these individuals are
> currently holding system and network administration positions in large
> companies.  Everyone who reads the technology section of the business papers
> is aware that a large number of these corporate servers are migrating from
> Windows NT to GNU/Linux operating systems.  I want to help these people
> retain their positions by giving them as much information as I can find.


From a user and sysadmin's standpoint, I do find that having speech in the
kernel is a problem in the workplace.  I, like many others, use a terminal
to connect to Linux using MSDOS or Windows.  This requires little to no
modification to the system.  The most it requires is running getty on a
serial port.  The blind user can also telnet in without any system

In my experience, a terminal isn't too much to ask for even in a corperate
environment.  Linux may be replacing many of the server machines but it has
a way to go before they start replacing the workstations.

Since my work often involves working on a client's machine, it would simply
be impossible to use a kernel-based speech solution.  It is imho, only
viable for those running Linux at home or perhapse when working for a small
to medium sized business.

Personally, I don't understand why a speech system is part of the kernel. 
Generally, the lowlevel drivers would be a part of the kernel and there
would be an interface library in userland.  Speech drivers probably would
make it into the kernel provided there was a standard interface to all of
them but in my opinion, high-level screen access code will never make it
into the mainline kernel.

I have never played with speakup and don't know how much of it is actually
kernel but if they're just drivers and modular drivers at that.  I think
blind people will have a shot at Linux IT jobs.

My $0.02,

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