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Re: The Nak

Hi Jhon

It sounds like this so-called pda that has voice input with a linux os has a
way to talking to it, but was there any official word of it also being able
to respond/talk back to the user in a clear and understanble enough voice...


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Subject: The Nak

> What follows is lifted from "The Guardian" newspaper's "Online" section
> page 5 of Thursday February 24th 2000. (Published in the UK). It's about a
> pocket sized, linux based "eyes free"  computer, so I guess it's on topic!
> I have no relationship with the Guardian newspaper or with L&H, by the
> way.
> ..
> Meet Nak - the curious looking computer with a microphone. You could be
> speaking to it a lot in the future. Nak is a Linux based personal digital
> assistant from Lernout & Hauspie (L&H), the speech and translation
> specialist, which has a full speech interface. That means you'll be able
> to dictate and listen to email, surf the web and even buy things online
> without lifting a finger to the keyboard.
> Goston Bastiaens, president and chief executive of L&H, sees the
> company's technology taking off because hand help and mobile devices are
> difficult both to type into, and to read from.
> "The most intuitive, logical solution to this dilemma is a speech enabled
> interface that allows users and machines to communicate in a
> simple, natural, hands free manner", he says.
> ..
> Ain't things moving quick! I'll try to find some lynx friendly URLs for
> this gadget.
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