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Re: system status

A few questions and suggestions for you:

1.)	Are you booting from floppy or from hd?

2.) The ctrl-x is needed until you replace /boot/message with something 
as opposed to graphix. I've appended my /boot/message to give you an idea 
of what you might want in this file. Leave the ^g chars in, they will beep 
your speaker. With this file in place, Ctrl-X will not be necessary;

3.)	How long you get to type in your booting command is controlled by 
a couple of things:

	a.)	If you first hit something like backspace--you have all 
the time in the world. But, you should get in the habit of clearing 
mistyped chars with Ctrl-U;

	b.)	Give yourself more time by putting a big number in 
/etc/lilo.conf. I have timeout=500 which provides 50 seconds before lilo 
proceeds to the default;

3.)	You should also put a line into /etc/lilo to have lilo talk 
directly to your litetalk. Here's the line you need--put this just below 
the top section--right above the blank line that names the boot image:


3.)	If you're using the boot floppy image from Bill's site, but not 
the fill iso, this could explain no speech. In that case, you need only 
download the kernels and rpm them in. The boot prompt command: vmlinuz 
speakup_synth=ltlk should be giving you speech, since this is what gave 
you speech during the install. You can also add this to the bottom of the 
/etc/lilo.conf file--the bottom of the section about the vmlinuz image, 
that is. This would look something like this:


image = /boot/vmlinuz
append = "speakup_synth=ltlk"

NOTE: If you make edits to /etc/lilo.conf you need to run the command lilo 
to have them take effect. Do this after logging in as root.

One more thing: Is your installation coming up in graphical mode or text 
mode? If in graphical, you cannot expect speech there yet. Speakup only 
works in text consoles. The default will be to boot in graphical mode, 
unless you explicitly set it otherwise. So when you boot up, don't login. 
Instead, do Alt-Ctrl-F1 first, then press the plus key on the numeric 
keypad and see if it talks to you.

In any case, you must must must get the speakyup_synth=ltlk in there 
somehow--either via lilo.conf or via the boot prompt. And, if your kernel 
isn't called vmlinuz, you need to name the kernel correctly at the boot 
prompt--whatever it is.

Lastly, you can try speech via the loop back mechanism. Do this after 
logging in as root in a text console:

exec >/dev/ttyS0 2>&1
This will give you speech regardless of whether you actually have the 
kernel with speakup or not because it will copy everything that goes to 
the screen to the first serial port. Of course, you will not have screen 
review this way.

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Jude DaShiell wrote:

> Okay, that's what we ended up doing tonight with sighted assistance.  The
> result was no speech.  Other than speakup not being installed on my system
> I have a perfectly working linux system.  For some reason although I heard
> everything during the install process, speakup did not install.  We
> checked the whole hard drive using find and no reference was found to any
> kind of file or directory with speakup as part of its name.  The timing is
> about 8 seconds after boot up to hit control-x on this system.  Another
> way to state this is that after post, the system will try the floppy drive
> 4 times.  If you hit control-x between the second and third try, you get
> text lilo.  Also the only choice presently in it is linux.  Actually we
> tried vmlinuz speakup_synth=ltlk tonight and speakup wasn't found.  It's
> possible another member from the penguin club will come over tomorrow
> night so we can stack the deck in favor of linux before the next club
> meeting.
> Jude <jdashiel shellworld net>
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