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Re: Ameritech.net

We have had DSL from TDS Metrocom for about three months and have never had
down time. I think they us HPCH or some other bit of alphabet soup, but it's
not PPOE. It supports our entire office with five computers. We only had
tweak Windows' network settings to make it work.
Just a positive note amid all the negative ones.

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> I was a Verizon DSL customer when the company was still called Bell
> Atlantic and when consumer DSL service was still very new beginning in
> February 1999. In those days, DSL customers were assigned static IPs. My
> personal experience was that the service was great when it worked, which
> wasn't quite enough of the time. I had long periods of down time--about
> two weeks every three months or so. Calling tech support was a nightmare.
> First, I would sit on hold listening to the same clip of Vivaldi for tens
> of minutes. A half-hour wait was common, and the Vivaldi never
> changed--always the same snipit from the first movement of Spring. Once I
> got first level tier support my problems only got worse. Clearly, it was
> my fault because I wasn't in Windows. Clearly, when I rebooted into
> Windows, it was the screen reader. Once I pushed up to second, and even
> third tier support, it was, of course, never my fault. At least twice they
> moved me to ppoe without even telling me they were doing it. Mostly, they
> just couldn't explain it--system upgrades at the CO, please call back if
> the problem persists.
> I will not be a Telco DSL customer again, mostly because of their terrible
> track record with me, but also because they've moved away from DSL
> technology I care to buy. They have indeed found ways to provision DSL in
> ways I don't fully understand--and don't care to. It's more than dynamic
> IPs. I was surprised recently when a friend was installing Verizon DSL on
> his Windows computer--surprised to learn that the install added an icon to
> his Dial Up Networking program group.
> In essence, I suspect the telco's judge ip space and general network
> resources insuficient to support the millions of customers they want to
> sell. They want the customers money, but expect they will not use
> persistent connections any more than they use dial up connections. My
> friends DUN based DSL would disconnect on inactivity. Voice phone service
> network capacity is based, as I understand it, on the expectation that the
> average phone call will last four minutes. I'm sure they also have a
> number of calls per month in mind as an average. Of course, they have to
> make those kinds of predictions in order to build out adequate
> infrastructure. But, I have no desire to be part of a broadband service
> that expects casual and occasional web surfing. So, no more telco DSL for
> me.
> My advice is to seek a quality provider. My answer, for myself, was
> speakeasy.net for two crowning reasons:
> 1.) They actively support linux. In fact, I believe their servers run
> Redhat;
> 2.) They actively have no problem with home networks;
> Most providers have problems over linux even if their technology doesn't,
> and have fine print that prohibits multiple machines accessing the
> service. So, I choose to go with the provider that supports the OS and
> features I want and support.
>  On Thu, 6 Sep
> 2001, Karl Dahlke wrote:
> > For what it's worth, and it isn't worth much,
> > I used Ameritech dial-up service for almost a year,
> > and was very happy with it.
> > I left only because I wanted a cable modem.
> >
> > Of course I was happy because everything worked for me straight away,
> > and I didn't have to ask their technical department for help.
> >
> > I'm a bit confused by this whole thread.
> > I thought dsl was a static always on connection.
> > Why ppp?
> > Why pppd?
> > Why ppp0?
> > Don't they give you a box that looks like a cable modem,
> > with a nic interface,
> > and don't you just plug into that, like an ethernet?
> > Don't you just set up for an ethernet connection and go?
> > I guess I don't know much about dsl,
> > so I'll stop talking now,
> > before I do more harm than good.
> >
> > Karl
> >
> >
> >
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