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Re: The growing accessibility gap: was Ameritech.net

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 10:04:22PM -0400, Jared wrote:
> If the command line is so grate write me or help write me a mass market
> application that cells to millions of coppies. You can't because you can't

You do need to learn basics of economics, technology, and about menthality
of masses.

> use the g u i interface in linux like you can in windows. So you will have

Come on, stop this nonsense! Linux Apps can be and often are much better
designed in GUI or otherwise. The applications at least reside separate
from data which is not the case in most Windoze crap where there is no
serious concept of home.

I support developers on a daily basis and it's amazing to see that they
can come come up with something that works under windows. Fortunately for
me I only need to deal with Linux and Solaris, both stable which I cannot 
say for windoze.

> to write in general smaller market programs if you wish to do that for a
> job. I on the other hand because I'm not thick headed can write G U I
> applications with vb or any number of other tools. As for your comment to

VB is not software development!

> Mr. Toneby what about the people who tryed to make linux a more user
> friendly opperaiting system generated a G U I so they generated code that

They've done a nice job, thank you. Gnome, KDE, etc. with a lot of tools
and apps including nice virtual screens which I have yet to see in
(default) windows.

> turned to inaccessible garbige for you so they are just as mutch at fault as
> sun. A large part of microsoft is that the windows 3.1 was not around for a
> long enough time for standerds to devolipe. They may have been responcible

Windows was never a standard and it never will be outside MS. At least you
can export X windows applications between different platforms which is NOT
the case in windows. Worse, one application in one version of windoze
won't run in another in many cases.

Unix is mature OS, windows is still in diapers and they smell badly.

> for the inaccessibility in the past but now they are making an effort to
> change that tell me is there anyone trying in the linux community cort or no
> cort trying to make a screen reader for the G U I part of linux? If so

Linux is open source and depends on developers free time among other
things. If you want something written for you then come up with some dough
to support Linux community. Perhaps if somebody gets all the equipment
needed to develop such a reader, they'll do it. Small markets get less
attention than large ones, simple economics.

> please send me email so I can try and help but don't complain about
> microsoft when people arn't working to help your beloved oh so accessible
> linux.

More nonsense! Nobody owes you free programs. Be happy to get them so

GNU/Linux is just an OS that makes computers usable. It happens to be very
good tool and free on top of that. Don't like it? Go somewhere else.


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