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Re: The growing accessibility gap: was Ameritech.net

Jared 07.09.01:

>If the command line is so grate write me or help write me a mass market
>application that cells to millions of coppies. You can't because you can't

  Well, make it a html-based application:-> Everybody can choose the
most suitable UI.

>use the g u i interface in linux like you can in windows. So you will have

  To be exact: you don't have to use gui in Linux:->

>to write in general smaller market programs if you wish to do that for a
>job. I on the other hand because I'm not thick headed can write G U I
>applications with vb or any number of other tools. As for your comment to

  I have so far believed that because my sighted colleagues don't have
to mess with rewiew modes, guess bitmaps and remember what
alt-leftcontrol-mother-in-law-space did at this mode but now i know what
is my actual problem. Thanks.

  Seriously talking: text-based (or cli if you prefer so) apps are much
easier for screen reader. I have almost same information about screen
contents than my sighted colleagues. In addition i have similar user
interface to enter commands; the keyboard.

  If you can get job in gui environment thats fine. But i personally
cannot compete with sighted colleagues. i'm glad i started to explore
Linux and networks at '95 instead of investing $3k into new computer
(would be obsolete now), os (obsolete now) and screen reader (very
obsolete now).

Mr. Ari Moisio, Niittykatu 7, 41160 Tikkakoski, +358-40-5055239
ari moisio iki fi http://www.iki.fi/arimo PGP-keyID: 0x3FAF0F05

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