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Re: converting spaces to underscores


This tab completion behavior is also available in bash. Not that there may
not be advantages to zsh, but for the sake of accuracy, let's recognize
that bash also supports tab completion.

In fact, I would suggest tab completion is a very important tool to use.
It helps in insuring that one is, in fact, typing correctly.
 On Wed, 19
Sep 2001, L. C. Robinson wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Thomas Stivers wrote:
> > I have recently gotten linux up and running and I am becoming really
> > frustrated with the filenames I created in windows which have spaces in
> > them. Does anyone know of a utility which can convert all the files in a
> > directory so that all the spaces are underscores. I will have to do a lot
> This is unnecessary if you switch shells from bash to zsh, and
> set the proper completion options: and there lots of other
> benefits too.
> When I have a long filename to type, I just enter the first few
> letters, hit the tab key, and zsh completes the filename for me,
> with any spaces escaped (preceded by) a backslash.  If my first
> few letters aren't uniq for the files, the completion is made up
> to end of the part which identical, and I am presented with a
> list of the matching files.  Then I can add a letter or two
> followed by another tab, or just keeping hitting tab to cycle
> through the choices.  There are options to set, (in a shell
> startup file, such as .zshrc), to obtain just about any variation
> on this behavior you can imagine.
> To try zsh, just type "zsh -l" at your prompt.  To permanently
> change your login shell, use the chsh utility.
> Keep the scripts others have provided just in case you run across
> some non-interactive case where this does not work adequately
> (but usually this too can be overcome through some advanced
> scripting -- probably you won't care or even notice till you get
> such skills).  If you do shell stuff from within some other
> utility, such as emacspeak, you may need to set your SHELL
> environmental variable, to control which shell gets used.

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