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Re: Sinux Office

See http://lwn.net/2001/0920/desktop.php3 for general info of
this nature, including a detailed migration story.

But, if I understand you right, you want to remain in text mode:
linux has a tremendous toolset in this area, which generally get
neglected on web pages, since they tend to be more oriented to
GUI tools.  You can get many ideas from the blinux FAQ, following
which you can probably ask more specific questions, which we can
get a better handle on (there are many hundreds of text mode
utilities that are designed to work together in various
combinations, following the Unix modular philosophy -- one
wouldn't know where to start with an answer to this).

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Mike Cross wrote:

>   What do you recommend for all of the pieces of an office. For example,
> Star Office. Name some screen readers for the console and some browsers
> etc.
>  I would perfer to stay out of X-Windows if possible. If not possible. give
> me that story too.

L. C. Robinson
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