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Re: Fw: [braillenote] brailleNote access to linux]

Hi all:

To be presize, Dave Mielke is not only the maintainer of this 
project but he himself with the assistance of group of other 
users developed the actual driver to support BN under Linux. 
Although, Linux and BrailleNote users appreciate PulsData willingness to 
give Dave and his friends access to their product documentation, Mr. 
Mielke and other BrailleNote users were behind the creation of this 

Thank you Dave, Sebastien and everybody who was involved into it.


 On Wed, 2 Jan 
2002, David Poehlman wrote:

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> Subject: fw: [braillenote] brailleNote access to linux]
> Hi all,
> I thought some of you might find the below interesting and perhaps
> usefull.
> Greg
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> Subject: [braillenote] brailleNote  access to linux
> Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 16:36:06 -0500
> Braille Access to Linux
> Hello folks,
> Over the past year or so there has been a bit of interest by the North
> American market to have some degree of Linux access with the BrailleNote
> family of products.  Many of you are familiar with Braille TTY, a
> Linux-based Braille screenreader which provides access to a Linux box.
> The
> Pulse Data Group is pleased to announce the arrival of a Braille TTY
> driver
> for the BrailleNote family of products.  This driver enables the user of
> the
> BrailleNote to access a Linux Box using his/her BrailleNote as a Braille
> display.  It should be noted that firstly, this version of Braille TTY
> is
> still in Public Beta and should be released shortly.  Secondly, Braille
> is a free downloadable program.  What this means is that if you choose
> to
> use this software, you do so with the understanding that HumanWare nor
> any
> other agent of the PDI Group will be offering technical assistance for
> you
> to install or use this driver.  This is typically the practice by all
> mainstream and adaptive technology companies when its customers opt to
> use
> downloadable "freeware", although HumanWare does support to some degree
> its
> customers' usage of Microsoft's ActiveSync utility.
> HumanWare has invested resources into ensure that this driver is
> developed
> to present to you, the BrailleNote customer, additional flexibility with
> this product line.
> the Braille tty project can be found at:
> > http://mielke.cc/brltty
> > From this location select the download link and download the 2.99z
> beta.
> > This beta has support for both the Braille 18 and 32 cell models as
> > well as the Braille qt models.  This download contains all sources
> > and documentation.  The project maintainer is Dave
> >  mielke <http://mielke.cc/brltty> , dave mielke cc 
> Thanks.
> With Regards,
> Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
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