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Re: Brltty and Braillelite Millennium 20

[quoted lines by Tim Pennick on January 4, 2002, at 16:23]

>I've just tried to
>use my new BL M20 with brltty, and it only partially works.  Has any work been
>done to get the braillelite driver to work with the M20?

No, since we've never had access to one. Assuming that it's similar to
supported models of the BrailleLite, it may at least partially work.

>What would I need to
>do to convert it if it hasn't already been done?

Are you asking what you'd need to do if you yourself figure out how to make the
code work with the M20, or are you asking what'd need to be done in order to
help us make it work?

>Also when setting up the serial parameters for the BL, I presumably need to
>change from the default half duplex to full.


>What about handshaking?

Hardware flow control.

>I was
>impressed to see that the cursor routing buttons on the BL do actually route
>the system cursor.  This made me wonder whether its actually possible to use
>the BL for input as well as output.  This wasn't clear from the documentation
>I've found so far.

Yes, you can type input on the BrailleLite.

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