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Re: Reading Excel Documents under Linux

I'm using xl2html available at:


It is possible to output to text from this application as well.

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Martin G. McCormick wrote:

> 	Is there any non graphical utility in Linux or UNIX that
> will read Excel documents?  I run up against one of these about
> twice a year or so on a very irregular basis.  It is possible to
> use the strings utility on the binary and at least tell what it
> is about, but it totally destroys any formatting and only serves
> to satisfy my curiosity as to what words, etc were in there.
> It's a really dirty way to access it so I am asking if there is
> anything better or if anybody who can tell me about it knows the
> format of an Excel document.  If I need to write such a utility,
> I would love to make it freely available so others can use it so
> I don't want to go the non disclosure route at all.
> Martin McCormick
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