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Re: AFT -- Almost free text.

[quoted lines by Gil Andre on January 11, 2002, at 16:17]

>I don't mean to appear too obnoxious, but have you read my
>message? I gave you all the reasons why.

Yes, and now I'm really intent on proving to everyone just how profundly stupid
I must be.

>RTF is a Microsoft
>file format which is accepted by Word without any problems.

That doesn't answer my question. A simple text file is no more than a simple
text file. It has very little inherrent formatting in it. Converting it to rtf,
html, or even all the way to Word, can't improve on that, so why does it need
to be done before handing it off to a Word user. What's wrong with giving the
Windows user the plain old text file and letting Word convert it from plain
text into its own format?

What am I missing? Perhaps Word can't read a plain text file. If that's so,
then I stand corrected? If it can, then why use something else to convert the
document for it?

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