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Console script available

Newly uploaded to the blinux file archive at http://leb.net/pub/blinux :

>From console508.txt:
begin -----
The console508.p script from IBM Corporation gives control over
accessibility settings. Use it like this: From the command line type

perl console508.p and press ENTER.


  The console508.p Perl 5 program gives low vision users easy control
of volume, fonts, and tone alarms indicating status of CAPS LOCK,
NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK. Its functions are accessed through menus.

  - program is not self voicing but can be run from within an
    EMACSPEAK shell thus providing speech to anyone desiring it

  - where possible menus were worded such that the entire menu is
    on screen even if font     is one of the large font choices

  - menus have a choice to exit program if reasonable

  - child menus have a choice to return to parent menu where reasonable

  - menus have a choice to repeat themselves for users depending on
    speech only

  - menu choices can be saved in favorites files


  Only the root user can use this program to change fonts, change
  volume, or set locktones. A non-root user can however use 
  console508.p to change foregroundand background colors in the console 
  (text only) mode.
end ----------


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