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Re: RHCE Text


I've been looking at the E-learning options available on the Red Hat site.
Admittedly using JAWS and Internet Explorer, these look fairly accessible, and
RH offer a 30-day "money-back if not satisfied" offer.  These courses compare
preicewise, more or less with the classroom based RH training.

I must emphasise, that I haven't yet tried a full course component, though I
was given access to a demonstration site.  There are components of the
teaching strategy which are not accessible, but I'm hoping that enough of it
will be useable for me to be able to get to RHCE level.

I'm hoping to try one of the course modules in the next few weeks, and one of
the things I think will be particularly difficult is the amount of stuff it
will be necessary to remember, that covers use of GUI tools.  I'm hoping I
will be able to memorise this even though I won't be able to use it.


Tim Pennick

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