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Re: LInux to Braille-lite file transfers

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Tim Pennick wrote:

> The man page for 'sz' on RH 7.2 says that it supports ZMODEM,
> YMODEM and XMODEM, but the man page looks horendously
> complicated so I'm hoping someone will be able to advise.

Remember the xc alternative to minicom I posted about yesterday,
with a download URL?  With that package you can let the comm
program handle the complicated details.  The README.linux file in
that package lists, among other great features:

 * internal xmodem, xmodem-1k, xmodem-g, ymodem, ymodem-g, cis-b+ 
 * external zmodem with support for auto-download ZMODEM.
 * improved recognition and triggering of auto zmodem downloads.
 ... [other great features, including a high level of
 * optional mapping DOS line graphics to vt102 graphic sequences.

And not listed in the feature set, but important here, is the
fact that it is more line and text oriented, and includes
detailed text mode help screens, without line drawing characters.

Oh, and the maintainer says: "The Salz/Turner editline library is
included, as is the rz/sz package."

Elsewhere he says a certain version of rzsz included with debian
was broken (probably ok now?).

And the QUICK.START says:

   7) here's the quick tour:

        XC is very command line driven. It has 3 basic modes:

         a) main command line at the <XC> prompt.
               all settings of options and file transfer initiation
               take place here.
         b) dialing directory mode
               can dial from a pick list or dial manually.

         c) ordinary terminal mode.
               when you are on-line with another system.

Hope this helps, LCR

L. C. Robinson
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