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Re: netrik was ( lynx-dev latest status on java script support? )

	Thank you for the information.  As luck would have it, I
thought of that when I built our Freebsd system here at work and
I did build it to be able to run Linux binaries.  Right now, the
problem is that I can't get it to compile on Linux either
although it looks like all I need is a library that contains
curses.h and readline.h.  I ran dselect on the Linux system and
found a libcurses which is part of the ruby scripting language,
but after installation of ruby, nothing changed.

	I am not sure what library I need on the Linux system but
that is probably all that stands between success and failure.

	If you hadn't reminded me about FreeBSD being able to run
Linux binaries, I might have not even thought of that right now.

Gil Andre writes:
>About my last answer...
>I think the following web page would be more appropriate :

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