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SV: accessing my linux box when recompiling my kernel

i use suse linux 7.2
how does it work under suse?

thanks in advance


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Ämne: Re: accessing my linux box when recompiling my kernel


The running kernel, and the configuration of networking,
doesn't change until the kernel compile is complete, the
bootloader is updated, and the system is rebooted.

So you don't have to worry too much. Any way you can
access a console is fine for recompiling the kernel.
When you compile the kernel, it will put the end
result in /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot. Compiling
doesn't affect the running system. You have to copy
the new kernel to somewhere else (usually /boot) and
update the boot loader (add new lines in lilo.conf
to point to the new kernel, then run /sbin/lilo to
update the boot sector). One thing that is worth
doing, however, is copying the old kernel modules to
save them, just in case something goes wrong when
building the modules.

 > how does it works with ip addresses in linux?
 > how shall i configure them?

Different distributions use different methods to
configure the ethernet devices. On slackware for
example there is a "netconfig" script. I assume
that on redhat you can use "linuxconf". To allow
a local machine (the windows box) to telnet to
the linux box, most people use IP addresses that
look like 192.168.xxx.xx because this range is
reserved for internal networks.

So you can configure the windows box to be and the linux box to be

If you ultimately want both machines to share one
connection to a service provider, you can make the
linux box behave as a router, and have it do IP
masquerading. This will allow you to have many
192.168.xxx.xxx address on your internal LAN.

 > is it possible to do this thing?


 > or is there a better access solution?

Any way you can get to a console will work fine.

   -- Doug

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