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Re: brltty with the braille lite

On 06/23/03  1:05 AM -0400, Dave Mielke wrote:
> Are you saying that the "BRLTTY 3.2" message shows up in the system log, or on
> the braille display, about 30 seconds after starting brltty?

The message is spoken by the braille lite, nothing shows up on the
braille display. If I put the braille lite in interactive mode and
simply echo data to the serial port it goes in fits and starts about
every 10 seconds it sends another 10 bytes. I am beginning to suspect
hardware problems with my second serial port.

> By the way: I know of a BL18 owner who got his display in March of 1999 and
> hasn't had its firmware updated. He believes that his firmware is dated July
> 1998. Your December 1999 firmware, therefore, should be okay.
> What does your BL40 say that it's serial port settings are?

Serial tracking is on, interactive is on, serial port is on, baud rate
is at 9600, no parity, half duplex, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, hardware
handshaking (though I have tried software as well). I will try it with
the other serial port on the pc and see if I have any luck.
Unix is a user friendly operating system. It just picks its friends more
carefully than others.
Thomas Stivers	e-mail: stivers_t tomass dyndns org	gpg: 45CBBABD

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