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linux sound

i have managed to fix my sound problem with linux using the open sound
however, this is not a good sulution since i only have an evaluation time.
when that has expired i need to have some another way to get my sound
i have gotten the card working with the latest version of zipslack.
i have also tried with yast in suse but without sucsess.
both have recognised my card as a card from intel corporation.
in zipslack there is no problem but in yast2 it says that an error has
occured and it can't load.
i shall make sure that alsa packages is installed and they are installed
i try to run alsaconf but that doesn't work.
it only suggests me to try ossfree instead.
so i plan to try this instead.
where can i download oss free?
is it like the open sound system to use or how do i configure it?

is there any other easy to use sound driver for linux?

thanks in advance


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