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Re: Braille with RedHat aned Fedora installers.

[quoted lines by Mario Lang on 2004/02/12 at 15:44 +0100]

>This sounds like the libnewt (whiptail) bug I fixed
>around May 2003.  It was reported to me that RedHat adopted my patch,
>and integrated it.

Perhaps they did. I was testing with RedHat9. I just tested with Fedora1 and
the cursor position is fine. This means that, plus or minus a few rough edges,
I now have a Fedora1 install CD image with brltty on it. One of those rough
edges is that the autoprobing done by the installer has the potential to hang
the display. There's a noprobe option, but that, unfortunately, stops all
autoprobing rather than just serial port autoprobing. I'll be chasing that

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